Here's a sampling of the projects I've worked on over the years: 

Real-time systems

Developed a series of monitoring tools for an Internet telephone company, that analyzes in real time billions of packets per day, looking at service quality and searching for irregularities and intrusion attempts.

Platform: Linux



Built iPhone applications for the the largest reference book publisher in the USA, Barron's Educational Services.  This project involved converting their best-selling books into iPhone titles, producing 20 apps including 501 Spanish Verbs and Food Lover's Dictionary. Another project entailed building 63 flashcard sets for Ace Academics, 21 apps for Pomegranate Communications, 7 medical reference apps for Bryan Edwards publishing, and 12 other miscellaneous apps. 

Platform:  iOS, later Android + iOS

screenshots from Barron's  Food Lover's Companion

screenshots from Barron's Food Lover's Companion


Discus Labeling software

Discus is the finest labeling software in the world. A solid success, selling over 1 million copies in many languages. Discus is a powerful graphic design tool, similar in function to Adobe's inDesign, combining advanced typography, photo manipulation, and precision printing. 

Platform:  Macintosh and Windows desktop.  Languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Nederlands

examples of CD labels created by users.

examples of CD labels created by users.


Flying Colors / Animation Designer DragonBALL Z / Ultraman

Built a series of educational tools focusing on learning digital painting. Working with renowned pixel artist Mark Ferrari, I designed and built Flying Colors, which was so well received that I was hired by Bandai, Ltd. of Tokyo to build 4 sequels, covering some of the most important characters in Japanese culture, Dragonball and Ultraman, for their 100 million dollar game machine. Flying Colors was so well built, that the Windows 95 version still runs on Windows 10.

Platform: Macintosh and Windows desktop.  Languages: English, Japanese, Nederlands

After licensing Flying Colors, Davidson & Associates was acquired by CUC for over $900 million

After licensing Flying Colors, Davidson & Associates was acquired by CUC for over $900 million

WORDSTAR 2000 / IBM DisplayWrite 5 Composer

Was the lead programmer for the Wordstar 2000 project, the sequel to the popular word processing software called WordStar, one of the most important programs of the DOS era along with Visicalc. Continued work on a sequel to WordStar, building a desktop publishing program that became IBM's DisplayWrite 5 Composer, the sequel to their popular DisplayWrite 4 word processing software. Built for worldwide use.

Platform: DOS.   Languages:  English, Japanese, and many others