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Are you like me, sick and tired of the current web stack and its absurd complexity? When in history did you write in 3 incompatible languages inside one source file? HTML can draw, but has no arithmetic or logic. CSS can style, but has no variables, looping or IF statements. JavaScript has variables, arithmetic and logic, but can’t draw! Then people started adding frameworks to supposedly help out, and now you have React, Vue, and many others. The frameworks change constantly, and code will barely last a few years without breaking. Because of the constant churn, using parts of other people’s projects becomes a nightmare of dependencies and versions conflicts. Who wants to learn multiple “make” systems, which are complex languages into themselves?

And why when you want to move your web app to iOS or Android require learning entirely different languages and toolchains? The computers inside all these devices are nearly identical in structure. This is a huge waste of human effort, building the same product three different ways because the platform owners want to create private armies of developers. The dominant companies all benefit by maintaining the status quo of hypercomplexity. Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, all stand to gain if we just make things harder to build, because they are already on top, and have huge staffs and fancy private tools outsiders don’t get to see.

The only way to combat this mess, is to start completely from scratch. And I mean all the way down the bottom, redesigning arithmetic so that you can add 3 feet + 2 meters, and have it automatically do the units conversions. Bad habits and poor decisions of the past need to be discarded, and forgotten good ideas from the brilliant inventions of the 70’s need to be resurrected and finally used.

Forget about complex API’s, you should be able to build a Chess program without only 20 different function calls. Projects should be simple, usually a single compact file, and you should be able to target 5 platforms with a single code base (web, mac, win, iOS, android).

I have been working steadily on a new language that will be easy to learn and use for making graphical interactive software. I am looking for people to test it prior to its public release. Please send an email to, and let me know your time zone, the kinds of projects you like to build, and I will get in touch with you. I am sure some will be disappointed i don’t just post the whole thing today, but in order to give startup training in lieu of the documentation being completed, I need to limit the amount of input I receive.

If you are a mac or windows platform user, and are interested in new languages, like Python or Modula-2, and would like to help start a revolution of interchangeable parts, I invite you to look deeper into my project.

Please note that for Web development you only need a text editor like NotePad++ or TextWrangler and the compiler+runtime which I supply. For mac, win, etc. the compiler generates ActionScript3 code so you can use the excellent Adobe AIR system which runs on Mac/Windows/IOS/Android very nicely. At this stage until we have our own debugger, to debug on those platforms it requires Adobe Animate or FlashBuilder for debugging.

I have posted some sample programs, annotated,, just so you can get a flavor of the language. These are tiny examples, and do not show the many advanced features.