What new programming languages are coming soon and is it worth learning any of them?

Swift, Rust, Go, Kotlin, etc. are several years old now. Heck, Swift is up to version 5, and the original designer has left Apple to my knowledge. So those don’t fit my definition of “new”. I suggest you go to the future programming group on Slack, there is a spreadsheet maintained by that group that tracks the various new languages which are still in the labs but will come out either in 2019 or 2020. The new languages have names like Luna, Dark, Red, Beads, … some of them are specific to a particular task like back-end services, but some are general purpose languages angling to replace JS and Python.

Swift is still an Apple-only language; better than Objective-C but so wedded to the OSX underpinnings that it will likely never be popular elsewhere. Rust is enjoyed by people doing system programming, as its memory ownership mechanism solves some tough problems relating to multi-threading. Kotlin is JetBrains’s (the big Czech software tool house) baby, and is one way Google can still use the JVM and avoid getting sued by Oracle who owns Java. Go is a mild improvement, but I can’t get excited by its rather minor advantages.

The truly revolutionary languages coming have really exciting properties. Some have reversibility built into the system, others have a dual graphical-textual representation, some are working on the issue of interchangeable parts so that bigger projects can be assembled out of standard components, and some have automatic build systems embedded in the language so that you don’t have to learn some horrible “make” tool like Ant, Gradle, etc. A huge simplification is coming, and it will make programming so much easier, the old timers will be grumpy about it, and talk about the hard old days when they walked miles through the snow to go fix a bug, and how young programmers have it so easy.