Boy am I getting fed up with academia

Boy am I getting fed up with academics who claim they are working in the area of advanced computer languages, and don’t have the time of day to even peek at any one of a dozen great new programming language projects underway. They are all busy proving that 2+2 is 4 or some such trivial task, and their vaunted proving systems which they have been working on for 20 years can’t even prove a tic-tac-toe game correct, because a program that draws on the screen is beyond their start of the art. Just because you can't prove graphical interactive software is correct isn't stopping billions of people from using their cellphones every day. At some point practicality has to be considered. There is nothing settled or wonderful about the current state of software development techniques, and when i went to college the universities were doing research that moved the industry forward. The universities are the natural origin place for new languages and techniques, and instead they are becoming so conservative and hostile to new ideas that they are part of the problem. Sorry, but with the billions being poured into higher education, and computer science departments in hundreds of universities around the world, we should see more progress! The educational system in computer science is burning a lot of money with negligible contributions being made in many areas.