Medicare for all is a dumb idea

I normally write only about technology, but Ocasio Cortez’ comments about medicare for all, which many people have echoed must be rebutted.

No one is entitled to the free labor of another. So the idea that we should get unlimited free medical care doesn't pencil out. Even if we had such a thing tomorrow, it wouldn't work because the supply of trained medical personnel is insufficient to handle the current load, much less an increased load. Insurance companies stall like hell so that they can stretch their resources.

A better solution instead of trying to do price controls (or robbing peter to pay paul via some transfer payment scheme), is to realize that the curriculum of our public schools hasn't been updated in 100 years, and that perhaps 1/2 of all the time in school should be devoted to bringing every high school graduate up to the level of 2nd year nursing school, and that instead of continuing with the ridiculous 8 year and more medical school process which costs hundreds of thousands per doctor, create super narrow medical education tracks that finish in 2 years, but only qualify you for specific procedures.

Hospital procedures are broken down very precisely now, and by changing how many, and how, we train medical professionals, the costs could come down by a factor of 5. Why aren't we teaching this very valuable information to all students in our public schools? Why are we letting junior high and high school students regurgitate obsolete subjects when what we all need to know nowadays, is how to take care of the human body, especially our own!

It is time that we stopped leaving things to expensive professionals, and shared this knowledge with a vastly wider pool of people, which will not only lower costs, but when people get more medical education they don't eat as poorly, nor are they so likely to get so fat, which is a big contributing factor in American's slightly declining health statistics. Also, a more informed customer base makes for better doctors, as the bad ones would be flushed out more quickly.