Is quantum computing real?

Quantum computing is real. I would describe it as a real boondoggle. The definition of a boondoggle is “work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value”.

The people selling quantum computing mention cryptography, and other things that seem plausible. When the NSA wants to crack codes, they just fire up a million core computer, and those don’t require any breakthroughs, just lots of hardware and a big room. Quantum machines have no practical use, nor will they for decades to come.

It is extremely fascinating to play around with superconductive materials. So I don’t blame researchers for using any excuse to obtain funding. At very low temperatures, metal loses its normal resistance to electricity, and one can produce phenomenally large magnetic fields, which then creates all sorts of exotic conditions that at room temperature don’t exist.

You have to consider quantum computing to be a side-branch of particle physics, which is a fascinating and baffling area of study. But don’t expect to see a practical product in your lifetime. It is most unfortunate that the area of physics that holds the greatest promise of improving mankind’s life on earth, low energy nuclear reactions (also called “cold fusion”), is getting negligible research money, and instead we spend billions on things like hot fusion which has zero likelihood of producing usable results. Hot fusion is predicted to work "in 30 years" for the last 50 years. 30 years means that is enough time to retire and die before they can assign blame for lying.

There is a fellow who is working on low energy nuclear reactions who postulates a lower state of the hydrogen atom he calls the “hydrino”, and proposes that the dark matter the astrophysicists insist exists is big quantities of hydrinos. Anyone who has studied the standard model has to admit that it is a very messy, unsatisfying theory, and doesn’t explain radioactive decay at all. There are many mysteries to still unravel, and any day i expect a major breakthrough that will cause the current standard model to put into the wastebin.