How do below average developers survive?

How do below average workers survive? Simple, we are human beings and pure performance has never been the benchmark for employee retention. Some people are fun to have around, some are loyal, some are owed favors, some are relatives, some bring out great qualities in others even though they themselves don’t appear to do much (the catalyst type of person)… you get the picture. Half of all workers are below average, so who cares? And who is some all-mighty judge deciding who is better or worse than another person? I am a terrific programmer, but no programmer knows every application area or toolchain. If you put a giant Ruby on Rails program in front of me, i would be clueless, because although i can work in a dozen languages, Ruby isn’t one of them, and it would take me months to get up to speed on it.

The real question one should ask is: how do i stay up with the constant changes without burning out? And how can i maximize the value of what i do know?

In a well run company, the systems are so well designed that an ordinary person can get the job done in an 8 hour day without heavy stress. That is the beauty of a well-designed company system. In the entrepreneurial discussions you hear absolute nonsense about how you should only “hire great people”. If everyone was great, your company would be unprofitable because they would be spending too much money on all these great people. As my dear friend J. Moon points out: Ray Kroc didn’t invent the hamburger, but he created an amazing system that delivered a consistent product at a massive scale, with ordinary people.